Public Witnessing

Two ways

One do all

One per­son pre­pa­res the shifts ahe­ad. Then the publishers tell him what shifts they want and the respon­sib­le upda­tes the sche­du­le accor­dingly.

Then eve­ry­bo­dy can see which shifts are full and which ones are avai­lab­le.

Book shifts themselves

The respon­sib­le one pre­pa­re the shifts ahe­ad. The the publishers log in them­sel­ves and wri­te their names on the shifts the want to attend. The respon­sib­le one over­se­es it all and polishes the ent­ri­es to look the same.

The publishers appro­ved for local cart wit­nes­sing must have an account of their own (cra­ted by Admin) and have the role Pub­lic wit­nes­sing acti­va­ted.

If some­o­ne feels that it is to hard to book shifts, that per­son may tell the respon­sib­le one eve­ry time he och she wants to book a shift and the respon­sib­le one can help with wri­ting the name on the right shift.

Some con­gre­ga­tions choo­se to hide the but­ton and sche­du­le for the Pub­lic wit­nes­sing from the ones not log­ged in. It can be done by the Admin under Set­tings ().

How to activate Public witnessing

Click here for a step-by-step of how to acti­va­te the Pub­lic wit­nes­sing part.

(Only for tho­se who has instal­led the pro­gram by them­sel­ves or tho­se who has not upda­ted the pro­gram sin­ce this fun­c­tion was inclu­ded in ver­sion 1.2.14)