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Videos showing how to do

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The basics

Enter the basics – Manu­al­ly (1:26)
Enter the basics – Auto­ma­ti­cal­ly (0:13) — NEW!
Change font to ita­lic (0:47)
Tem­po­ra­ry move of day for Mid­week mee­ting (0:19)
Tem­po­ra­ry change of star­ting time of Mid­week mee­ting (0:19)
Con­ven­tion or assembly week (0:51)
No Mid­week mee­ting (0:23)
No Week­end mee­ting (0:41)

Prints / Downloads

Print the program/create a PDF docu­ment (0:44)
Uplo­ad PDF for down­lo­ads (1:11) — NEW!
Print the CO visit week x 3 (0:15)
Print the S‑140 (0:22)


Upda­te the the­me (0:48)
Set an auto­ma­tic back­up to Drop­box (3:38)
Resto­re from back­up (1:49)
Add a year temp­la­te (1:01)