Apply for an account

Apply for an account

App­ly here for your own site on Enter all cre­den­ti­als and you will get the invi­ta­tion by email short­ly.

This will come befo­re ”” e.g.
The lan­gu­age the Pro­gram will be in
We don’t want to start accounts just for tests. Feel free to test with fake names at the demo page.
No infor­ma­tion will be sha­red with others out­si­de Thisweek

Does it cost anything?

No! No startup fees. No fees at all. No asking for contributions.

Does it really cost nothing?

Sure the­re are costs, but they are small and should not be char­ged to any con­gre­ga­tion.

For tho­se inte­res­ted, here is the expen­ses for eve­ryt­hing*:
€1 / month for the domain
€4 / month for the web hotel
+ tax
= 1 cof­fee bre­ak in the city / month

That I can do wit­hout!

*For eve­ryt­hing. Not per instal­la­tion or con­gre­ga­tion.

Some has expres­sed their wish to sac­ri­fice their cof­fee bre­ak one month so I can get one. They can use Pay­Pal.