Add a year

First check what years you have installed

1. Go to your pro­gram (…)

2. (Edit)

3. (Set­tings)

4. (Posts)

5. Type the year you want to search for in the search field on the side and press the but­ton

If you don’t get any result you can copy the year from this page.

Add a year

1. Select all lines in the frame with the year you would like to copy.
(Win: [Ctrl] + [A], Mac: [Cmd] + [A])

2. Cut the selec­ted text.
(Win: [Ctrl] + [X], Mac: [Cmd] + [X])

3. Go to your pro­gram (…)

4. (Edit)

5. (Set­tings)

6. (Tools)

7. Go to Quick Post Creator

8. Click in the frame Ent­ri­es (one per line) and pas­te the year.
(Win: [Ctrl] + [V], Mac: [Cmd] + [V])

9. Then click on the but­ton to cre­a­te all the weeks of that year.

10. Go to Set­tings and Mem­bers only. At the bot­tom, at Set Post Type Acces­si­bi­li­ty, select Make all Post only acces­sib­le to mem­bers and click (Other­wi­se anyo­ne can fill out the pro­gram of the­se weeks.)