Activate the schedule for public witnessing




Now the­re is a simp­le sche­du­le for pub­lic wit­nes­sing with tables or carts.

Watch the video below to see how you acti­va­te the function.

The video con­tains the following steps:

  1. Upda­te the theme
  2. Cre­a­te a new page and select the temp­la­te Pub­lic witnessing
  3. Pas­te this slump gene­ra­ted cha­rac­ter string l380d5iy as Per­ma­link
  4. Copy the per­ma­link to the Pro­gram Set­tings (Pro­gram > Advan­ced set­tings > Per­ma­link Pub­lic Wit­nes­sing) and save
  5. Enter the name or names on your pla­ces for pub­lic witnessing
  6. Enter a shift and save (Upda­te)

Read more on how to use the sche­du­le for Pub­lic wit­nes­sing here.

No need sin­ce ver­sion 1.2.14

This ope­ra­tion is not nee­ded for sites hos­ted on Only for tho­se who star­ted their site befo­re ver­sion 1.2.14 (15th of August 2016) and for tho­se who has down­lo­a­ded the Word­Press The­me for use on anot­her ser­ver or computer.