Activate Print of Midweek Meetings


Now the­re is a temp­la­te for prin­ting the Mid­week Mee­tings for the pin board.

Follow the video below for get­ting and acti­va­ting the temp­la­te.

The video shows the following steps:

  1. Upda­te the The­me
  2. Cre­a­te a new page and choo­se the Temp­la­te Pro­gram Print Mid­week Mee­ting
  3. Copy the­se slump gene­ra­ted cha­rac­ters x686hzj2 as a per­ma­link
  4. Copy the per­ma­link to the set­tings (Pro­gram > Advan­ced Set­tings > Per­ma­link Print Mid­week Mee­ting) and save