Make the program together 
Let eve­ry­o­ne respon­sib­le take care of his part; LMM Over­se­er, Pub­lic talk boo­ker etc 
Work from everywhere 
Com­pu­ter, tablet, or smartp­ho­ne. Indo­or or out­do­or. No spe­ci­al soft­wa­re needed. 
Less printouts 
The onli­ne ver­sion makes it pos­sib­le to use fewer prin­touts. Eco friendly. 

Open the demo

Open and save the demo page to the home screen on your mobi­le or tablet for best experience

Automatic fitting

Fill in what you want to show and the pro­gram adjust the lay­out accor­dingly. Take a look at the Demo page and com­pa­re the first week of the work­book with one with stu­dent assign­ments. Also com­pa­re with a week with an extra class.

Type full names and the name will be shor­tened auto­ma­ti­cal­ly depen­ding on the users wid­th of screen.

Type once

Type the assign­ments once and it will be sha­red to scre­ens and prin­touts (even the S‑140).

You can print sepa­ra­te pro­grams for the cir­cuit over­se­er visit (three pro­grams per page in lands­cape mode) and at the same time show the CO visit on the regu­lar pro­gram — both the onli­ne ver­sion and the regu­lar monthly prin­ted program.

Decide what features to use

Starting times 

You can show the star­ting times for eve­ry item in the mee­ting. The star­ting times will be cal­cu­la­ted automatically.


Acti­va­te the onli­ne veri­sion (like the Demo page) or use this tool just for production.


Pro­du­ce PDF docu­ments for down­lo­a­ding or prints. Can be done wit­hout onli­ne ver­sions as well.


Prin­touts for the mee­tings (inclu­ding S‑140) for the pin­board is pro­du­ced automatically.

Public Witnessing 

A simp­le sche­du­le. One manage eve­ryt­hing or let them all book themselves.

Copy automatically 

Copy and pas­te all songs, the­mes and times with a but­ton or manually.

CO Visit week 

Cre­a­te a pro­gram for the week of the visit and if nee­ded – print.

Counsel Forms 

Counsel Forms for LMM Over­se­er and Chair­man. Han­dy when the Stu­dent uses a digi­tal School Book or left it at home.

High security

All traf­fic is encryp­ted (https pro­tec­tion). Eve­ry page comes with a soft pas­sword (slump gene­ra­ted string of cha­rac­ters) in the web add­ress (URL).

Even the sligh­test typo will result in a blank web page not even reve­aling what the site is about. Furt­her­mo­re sear­ching on the pages is not possible.

Increased security

For tho­se who whants to incre­a­se the secu­ri­ty a bit more you can assign eve­ry ser­vice group a pas­sword and lock out eve­ry­o­ne not log­ged in.

If they check ”Remem­ber me” the simp­le usage remains simp­le. (It can be reset by the admin by any time).

Two ways of getting this tool

Free account on

App­ly for a free account on

Click here to apply 

Install on a computer 

Down­lo­ad and install on a web hotel or a local computer

Click here for the down­lo­ad page 

Available in several languages

Translated into these languages

Eng­lish (Eng­lish)100%
Danish (Dansk)100%
Dutch (Neder­lands)100%
Hebrew עברית (Q)100%
Nor­wegi­an (Norsk)100%
Roma­ni­an (Română)100%
Rus­si­an (Pусский)100%
Swe­dish (Svens­ka)100%
Ukrai­ni­an (Українська)100%
Ger­man (Deutsch)96%
Lit­hu­a­ni­an (Lie­tu­vių kal­ba)96%
Spa­nish (Español)92%
Por­tu­gue­se (Por­tu­guês)83%
Gre­ek (Ελληνική)68%
Latvi­an (Latvi­ešu)57%
Tamil (தமிழ்)54%
Fin­nish (Suo­mi)53%
Ita­li­an (Ita­li­a­no)44%
Chi­ne­se Simp­li­fi­ed (中文简体 – 普通话)43%
Sra­nan­ton­go (Sra­nan­ton­go)33%
Faroe­se (Føroyskt)26%
Ara­bic العربية (A)23%
Per­si­an فارسی (Far­si)21%
Chi­ne­se Tra­di­tio­nal (中文繁體 – 國語)4%

Ready to use in many languages

The part­ly trans­la­ted lan­gu­a­ges often has the text used on the pro­gram finished. Then only the ones log­ging in to fill the pro­gram can see untrans­la­ted parts. The text not trans­la­ted will be in english.

Open the demo page to see wha­t’s trans­la­ted and wha­t’s not translated.

Do you want to translate?

Send an email to and tell us what lan­gu­age you would like to trans­la­te into. You will then get an account on this page whe­re all trans­la­tion is done online.

If you see somet­hing not correct­ly trans­la­ted – ple­a­se tell us.

In just a few minu­tes the basis was done mont­hs ahe­ad. Then I could lean back and let the other do their parts.

R. S.


The fri­ends espe­ci­al­ly appre­ci­a­te the onli­ne version.

J. K.


Gre­at thing that you can do changes with your smartp­ho­ne and upda­te the onli­ne ver­sion. Then eve­ry­bo­dy see the changes made for the meeting.

K. R.


The fri­ends in the con­gre­ga­tion are very gre­at­ful for the new pro­gram. It feels very good to use this solution.

C. J.


We are very satis­fi­ed by how thisweek tur­ned out.

K. J.


The pro­gram is now live and works per­fect. It’s real­ly, real­ly good.

R. G.

This was total­ly aweso­me! Thanks a mil­li­on for an ama­zing program.

I. J.


Thanky­ou for making such a won­der­ful page.

G. J.

Uni­ted Kingdom